Don’t Miss Out! Your health may be at risk!

I’m looking forward to spending 30 days with you, focusing on a cleanse that is healthy and will hopefully cause us to change some bad eating habits (such as eating a half a bag of tortilla chips like I did this afternoon…).

Are you ready to join me?!

In previous posts (intro and planning), I mentioned that if you sign up here, you will receive a FREE one-per-day email for 30 days. Those emails will include:

  • Reminder emails every morning
  • Easy to follow smoothie recipes
  • Simple meal suggestions that you will LIKE
  • Exercise recommendations
  • Community on Facebook Groups
  • FREE journal pages
  • And more…

If you are hesitant because you are already on your own health plan, don’t believe in cleanses, or think that you will not participate or stick it out… put those thoughts to bed! Those things can all be true and you can still sign up for the emails so that you can provide me with some thoughts and perceptions about what I’m offering.

Also, you can unsubscribe at any time.

The emails are FREE, however if you want to dive deeper there are a few basic supplies that you will want to keep on hand for daily use.

Level I: Basic

*Apple Cider Vinegar is available FREE with purchase at through this link.

Level II: Deep Cleaning
all orders through the links below MUST be placed by 8pm on April 8, 2017

You can join doTERRA as a wholesale member for $35/year, which reduces the cost of all products by 25% AND you earn free products. More info available in the Planning post or by contacting me directly.

The 30 days begin on Monday, April 17th so sign up NOW!

Again, the emails are free and you can decide how much deeper you want to take it. Join me today!

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