A few weeks ago, I started an internal cleanse. I did not change my diet, however I did add some things to my daily regime. First, I followed the 30-day protocol of supplements recommended by doTERRA. Second, I made it a habit to have at least one green-based smoothie per day.

The third part of the cleanse was a goal to document the process and results. Well that is the part that I had the least success in fulfilling. Specifically, I posted updates and recipes daily for ten days. Day 11 was a busy day and I did not get around to documenting anything… and that was all it took to get me off track.

I am continually amazed at how easy it is for me to get derailed. Even after cruising along with steadfast dedication to my goals, one day of being off-schedule can sometimes send me on an alternative trajectory for long enough that it takes weeks to get back to square one!

So the question that comes to mind is: how wise is it to have a ‘cheat day’? Is that the best plan of action or is it better to have wiggle room built into every day if it is needed?

My thought is that some people are able to adhere to a plan in such a way that every day is scheduled, including that day of being off-goal. Other people (such as myself) have a hard time keeping to a strict schedule, and so a looser regime seems more appealing. It seems that every time I try to put myself into that category of following a plan, I get lost along the way. However, if I set general guidelines for myself, I tend to stay within them.

This is troubling. I know that I function better in my day-to-day if I have a time set for everything, but I also know that coming up with and adherence to that schedule can be challenging if I am my own boss. This is probably why I spend so much energy searching for ideas and advice on how to structure one’s day, menu, goals… life!

It is this part of me that is also a source of consternation for my family. At home, I come across as less dependable than expected, and this has caused many a rough spot between myself and my partner in particular.

Today, I move forward with a general plan of action along with a list of things I need to accomplish. At this point, I am on target. Let’s see how tomorrow goes.

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