Back in the saddle

It’s been about a year since I did my first cleanse using essential oils & supplements, and in that time, I’ve gone back and forth between healthy and not-so-healthy, gluten-free and gluten-full, less sugar and more sugar… you get the picture. Sometimes the effort was there, other times not so much.

It was a good experiment. Gluten DOES clog the pipes. Zendocrine DOES clear them out. Water IS great for my skin and joints. Hard liquor makes me sluggish. Too much orange juice gives me mouth sores, as does eggplant. It’s hard to get up and outside when it’s cold; it’s easy to get up and outside when it’s spring or fall.

So many little lessons in every day, every week, and every season. The hard part is observing them, sometimes, in the day-to-day of the 2000’s… or the 20-teens. Wait, how did we even get to this year 2018! Geez, it’s even hard to observe the YEAR much less the DAY I exist in at this moment!

It’s been about a year, so it felt like time to ‘cleanse’ again. Actually, I was considering a fast, but it felt like that was not the option so I went for an essential oil/supplements cleanse.

  • Lemon Oil drops in water 5x per day.
  • 10 days of :
    • Zendocrine breakfast and dinner
    • TerraZyme morning, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and night
  • Followed by 10 days of same as above PLUS:
    • GX Assist (cleansing) at dinner every day
  • Followed by 10 days of everything EXCEPT no more GX assist and add:
    • DDR Prime drops in water breakfast and dinner
    • 3 PB Assist+ (pro-biotics) at dinner

Also, I decided to avoid most dairy and gluten, and limit sugar a LOT.  Leaving sugar out definitely makes a difference. Avoiding gluten… well as mentioned previously that stuff causes some digestive issues so gladly those are not happening. Dairy is another story, one which I will write on sometime soon.

After 15 days, I feel good. Where I was having extreme difficulty getting up by 7am previously, that has passed. I will admit it could also be due to the time change and early sunrises, although our room remains dark in the mornings so not sure how much of a factor that is. The once-constant shoulder/neck pain is pretty much not an issue now. If only I could be inspired to go on morning runs once again!

For now, 30-45 minute walks are good for my soul. Targeted exercises such as burpees and planks have been causing me to recognize exactly how weak certain muscle groups have become. I’ve been able to make it to yoga on an average of once every other week, and every time I lament that the class I go to is not available more frequently than twice per week, and no closer than a 30 minute drive.

All-in-all, it feels good to be ‘back in the saddle’ again. I like the way I feel when I am actively taking care of my body and my health! My next goal is to make that effort seem effortless, so I am working on making life easier for myself, and hopefully making my kitchen more appealing to people who think it’s too hard or unappealing to eat in a ‘healthier’ manner (like my son, for example).

More soon…

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