Meaningful Mornings

Mornings. So much to enjoy; so much to avoid.

Waking up is like an uncomfortable re-birth every day. Sleep is such a welcome reprieve from thinking about any- and every-thing. Even an uncomfortable bed feels like a snugly cocoon when the alarm goes off. If it’s cold in the room, blankets make it easier to burrow down and avoid whatever it is that needs to be done.

After detaching from that other world and entering into reality, mornings can be very pleasant. As the mind awakens, everything is new and fresh. The light outside colors the world in gray then blue then rose and orange, before the sun has fully risen. Whether alert or still groggy from the transition, there is a power and creativity available in the morning that is different from all other times of the day.

Give in to the discomfort or enjoy the newness of the day: that is the choice. My tendency is to focus on discomfort, and I do work toward seeing it as a positive time each day. I envy those who seem able – and willing! – to jump up when it’s still dark and accomplish a full list of things before light has fully entered the sky.

Perhaps it is simply a question of discipline, of focusing on the goal instead of the process.

To that end, I began an exploration of establishing a pattern or process to start the day. There are myriad approaches to the same thing, and I looked into many of them, finally alighting on a Miracle Morning. It’s adaptable and easy to remember, and all about establishment of a routine. A simple routine.

SAVERS: Silence. Affirm. Visualize. Exercise. Read. Scribe.

It all fits together well when you have among your goals the wish to pray, read, journal, and exercise daily. Speaking positive words to oneself (affirmation) and imagining oneself accomplishing the larger goals of life (visualization) can only serve to add goodness to a person’s life.

With that all nice and tidy and planned out, the next step was to overcome the perspective of mornings as unpleasant. Scratch that: it’s the waking that is the problem.

When it’s necessary to be somewhere at a specific time each day, it is so much easier to force the day to begin early. When my schedule is my own, I find that the snooze button becomes an acceptable and excusable way of life. At least until mid-morning when I realize how much more I could have accomplished if only I had gotten up when my alarm went off!

So what is my morning like now? After I wake up, I:

  1. Turn on the kettle
  2. Brush my teeth
  3. Put in my contact lenses
  4. Take a shot of ACV, make a bunch of ugly faces, & prepare a cup of green tea with honey
  5. Roll out the yoga mat
  6. Sun salutations and stretches for 5-10 minutes
  7. Read the daily passage in The One Year Chronological Bible
  8. Read the Bible app’s verse of the day and write it out at the top of the page of my journal
  9. Write 3 new things I am grateful for
  10. Journal

The visualization exercise is missing, as is prayer/meditation. Those are probably the two pieces that would take me to the next level.

Tomorrow morning, when my alarm rings, I hope I will think back to today and writing this essay. Perhaps if I keep this close to the front of my mind, I will not struggle so much and perhaps even get up before I hit the snooze button… the second time, at least!

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