Working on a Bio Re-Write

Every once in a while I refresh my brand, both visually and verbally. This is the year for that to happen, so I thought I would share the updated bio I will publish on my website and other places. Let me know what you think!

Years of assisting in the organization of conferences and film festivals in Austin, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, and San Antonio, as well as working with TV/film professionals, left me with an understanding of the culture and experience of business in the entertainment industry. Interactions with everyone from the newly-graduated and others just getting their foot in the door, up to A-list writers, producers, and directors, further exposed me to a variety of societal and cultural awareness that most people can only imagine.

As the daughter of parents who each owned and operated successful businesses, I was raised to think outside the box and encouraged to have an entrepreneurial spirit.

My father was determined that I would be a capable manager, putting me on the task of overseeing our family’s horses at a young age, and the first regular job I held was at age 12. Granted, it was a babysitting job, but it was daily and I was the only one responsible for it.

Since then, there are few times in my life where there has been a time I was not working. Even while at the University of Texas, I worked every semester to support myself. Although my degree is in Anthropology, my education stretched farther than the classroom. It was often my work that shaped large parts of my life during those years: what kid would say no to the opportunity to work at the Harry Ransom Center, where I had the opportunity to brush elbows with the likes of Ernest Hemingway, the Bronte sisters, and David O. Selznik, if only in the form of collections of their writings, files, and correspondence.

Well, maybe working in a library is not for everyone, but knowing the vast amount of art and history that was at my fingertips was truly a thrilling experience!

The ink on my diploma was not even dry before I was flying to New York City on a one-way ticket to my future. With a degree in anthropology from the University of Texas at Austin in my pocket, I applied that knowledge of history, culture, art, and society, to modern times by embarking on a ‘study of human-kind’ in one of the world’s largest, most multi-cultural cities.

My first gig in the Big Apple was as communications assistant at Origins Cosmetics, a division of Estee Lauder Companies. It was a foray into creative writing for public relations, pitching and positioning products for the media, and even organizing a speaking schedule for Mrs. Lauder during a promotional visit to California for Breast Cancer Awareness month.

When that gig was up, I joined Council International Study Programs in an entry-level position that soon led to becoming the Program Advisor for study abroad programs in Africa, where I stretched my legs as academic advisor; university administrative liaison; print production coordinator; immigration and consular communiqué; marketing professional; emergency communicator for all interested parties when the school in Ghana closed due to a teacher strike, and electricity and phone lines went down due to worker strikes and/or overloaded faculties; among other responsibilities.

Returning to Texas in 2000, I jumped straight into non-profit work, joining Cine Las Americas Film Festival during the year they also came to be known as a Media Arts Center. A trip to California to promote the festival put me in the mix with NALIP, the National Association of Latino Independent Producers.

When I decided I wanted to learn more about graphic design, I started working as a graphics production assistant. It seemed to be a good change, because within months I transitioned to the role of Marketing Program Director, in charge of a newly-formed electronic marketing initiative and primary marketing liaison to 35+ affiliates nationwide.

With my two children digging into elementary school, I sought to accommodate their schedules, which brought me full circle to my parents’ entrepreneurial influence. Freelance work took center stage for many years, and when one of the most successful Realtors in my area became one of my writing clients, a light bulb went off… and that is when I found my true calling and became a Real Estate Professional!

I earned my license in 2012 and was fortunate to have the Realtor who was initially my client, become my mentor. Each year, I make sure to be up-to-date with the latest in education, pushing myself to earn certifications and designations along the way. In this industry, no matter how much you train, there is always something new to learn and experience… And that ‘never a dull moment’ aspect is one of the long list of things I enjoy about my career!

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