About Me

I’ve spent a lifetime complaining about how unhealthy our society/country/culture is. As a result, I’ve also spent a lifetime reading, researching, and trying out ways to eat and live healthier than the average person in the United States. I’ve also had an aversion to pharmaceuticals – the companies themselves more than the medications – and have read into alternative health treatments.

Having said that, its important to know that I am not a typical skinny, granola-eating, make-up shunning, hippie naturopath. I am a fairly regular person. In fact, I love make-up, my favorite drinks are rum & OJ, Moscow mule, and a good margarita, and I can dig into a bag of tortilla chips with gusto. (If you eat chips with salsa, that’s healthy. Right?) I do love doing yoga, though, and that’s my preferred form of exercise.

So why did I want to start a blog? Well, mainly because I enjoy writing and was looking for a way to keep in practice. What better way to stay motivated than writing about a passion? And I get pretty passionate about food and health.

Some bullet points. I:

  • grew up in west Texas
  • moved to Austin in high school (via San Antonio)
  • earned a degree in Anthropology from UT-Austin (minor in Geography)
  • traveled several times to France and England
  • studied abroad at Oxford University
  • lived in NYC for 4 years
  • worked with a lot of famous movie people as part of a film industry non-profit

And now, I live in a suburb of Austin, Texas. I have two kids, and am step-mom to 4 more. I’ve worked as a graphic designer, program manager, and for the past 6 years I have enjoyed the career choice of becoming a Realtor. I am Christian and love my church family at HCBC.

I could go on… but you’ll find out plenty as you read through my posts. 😉