Getting Real

I saved this post on July 21, 2017, which was the day after Chester Bennington (lead singer of Linkin Park) took his own life. Sure I like Linkin Park, but they’re not my favorite band and I actually did not know the name of the lead singer until his suicide. And when I heard that…


Some mornings we walk outside to water the garden and we find a series of holes. Early this spring, we put a deep layer of mulch around the bushes and crepe myrtles in the front yard, only to find the pits with mulch-y guts spilling out all around.

Parenting a Missionary

A mother of a missionary lives in the strenuous reality that God’s will does not always equal safety. She understands that sending her child off into the unknown is not a romantic spiritual journey but an everyday battle with the forces of darkness and light.

The View from my Window

I learned that today is National Writing Day. At least in the U.K., that is. In honor of their national day of writing, I bring you 5 minutes of a view from my window… while on vacation. 


A few weeks ago, I started an internal cleanse. I did not change my diet, however I did add some things to my daily regime. First, I followed the 30-day protocol of supplements recommended by doTERRA. Second, I made it a habit to have at least one green-based smoothie per day. The third part of the…

Let me tell you a secret

Apple Cider Vinegar can become your friend. Let me share my secrets about preparing ACV with you.

Don’t Miss Out! Your health may be at risk!

I’m looking forward to spending 30 days with you, focusing on a cleanse that is healthy and will hopefully cause us to change some bad eating habits (such as eating a half a bag of tortilla chips like I did this afternoon…).

Planning for Spring Cleaning

So you are considering joining me in a 30 day period of cleansing this spring? I bet you would like some details!

It’s time for some Spring Cleaning!

With April on our doorstep and temperatures on the rise, I get the urge to clean and reorganize. There is another type of cleaning I have the urge to do this year: internal. You’ve heard the terms “cleansing”, “detoxing”, or “fasting”… check this one out.

Organic Weed Control

Some might think it odd, but I like pulling weeds. Not only does it give me time to sit outside in the grass and generate some vitamin D from sunlight, there is something gratifying about seeing the anomalous plants among the homogeneous carpet of grass and pulling them – roots and all – from the…

Flu Season: 8 Simple Steps to Stay Healthy

I heard someone say that the flu is rampaging  in our area right now. After complaining of a sore throat, my stepson let us know that lots of kids at school had been sick with strep, so he got to visit the doctor yesterday. He is in the clear but obviously we are in the…