Upon Reflection.

I've been trying to think back about how the past few months have gone. Last summer my daughter and I took a trip to Haiti with Mission of Hope / Mission d'Espoir. After learning about a typical Haitian diet, I was mentally preparing for the fact that I was unlikely to be able to continue my typical manner of eating while there, so I stocked up on protein bars and other somewhat health-some snacks.

Chasing After Day 1

Last week I had decided that it was time to do a cleanse. A simple, liquids-only for a couple of days. I have not done one in more than 6 months, and between tight clothes and being tired every day, I know that it would be a beneficial endeavor.

Cultural Difference

Last week, in the same way that I have done many times over since returning to the United States from Haiti, I had a light bulb moment in the middle of a regular activity. These light bulbs go off in response to a question I keep finding myself asking, "Is this something that people in Haiti might do?"

Aches and Pains

Recently , I heard someone lamenting some serious and unexpected back pain. In response, friends were giving support by suggesting a variety of treatments and remedies. Chiropractic care, anti-inflammatories, steroid shots, pain medication, acupuncture... all great and expected suggestions until I piped up with: Have you been drinking enough water? Granted, it took me a … Continue reading Aches and Pains

Back in the saddle

It's been about a year since I did my first cleanse using essential oils & supplements, and in that time, I've gone back and forth between healthy and not-so-healthy, gluten-free and gluten-full, less sugar and more sugar... you get the picture. Sometimes the effort was there, other times not so much.